Buyers’ Guide To Best Radar Detector To Avoid Speeding Tickets

All the car enthusiasts will know the feels in the article below. These enthusiasts love to push their limits, moreover their cars. They like testing the car to its full potential. They like the speed, the energy, the feel, the sound and not to forget the thrill that most certainly accompanies. Cars are one of the most important technologies and have taken our species to another level. The cars, the vehicles that run on wheel have made it convenient for everybody travelling, for everybody carrying things, and so much more. One thing that is a major part of today’s world’s research and development, is making cars do more, more than what could be imagined. Car enthusiasts, the lovers, the die-hard fans of these technologies, cannot help but take all the technology and feel it to its core. Whether on not so busy roads, or on the roads beaming with traffic, a car enthusiast does not like to stop. And no, a speeding ticket, cannot stop them. So, all the newcomers to this game of speeding must definitely read on below to avoid all the money’s expenditure that one could rather spend on their engine’s performance, on insurance and these speeding tickets.

How can one avoid speeding tickets?

One, go slow. If that does not make sense, here is a brilliant device that can help. This is called the Radar Detector. A Radar Detector is a small device that detects the radar beams that police are lighting to check on a car’s speed. This device informs the driver of the radar beams and alarms the driver to go slow, thereby helping the driver save on all that cash.

What is the device the police use?

The device that the police uses is the Radar Gun. Here’s how it works:

Radar is short for Radio Detection and Ranging. A Radar’s whole job is to find the distance between two objects and to find out the speed of the object receding or approaching. A Radar works by sending in radio waves towards the object whose distance is to be measured. Radio waves collide with the object and return. The time of this up and down travel is noted and is multiplied by the speed of light, since radio waves are a form of electromagnetic waves and all of them travel at the speed of light, to find the distance between the objects.

A Radar gun works on the same principle but slightly more information is gathered in order to detect the speed and thereby for the police to decide if or not a speeding ticket must be given to the driver. Here’s how that happens:

A radio wave, like all the other waves, has two characteristics: it’s wavelength and frequency. They are interrelated. When a wave hits a car, that let’s say is approaching the police, it returns after collision with higher frequency, that is because the distance between the car and the police man is now lesser as compared to what it was just moments ago and that keeps lessening with time, thereby increasing the frequency and reducing the wavelength of the wave with time. This amount of increase or rate of it, is calculated by device and that is what tells the speed of the car. Similarly, for a car receding, the frequency is lower and wavelength is higher, but the principle is the same. The rate of increase of the wavelength, or reduction of the frequency is measured to calculate the speed.

This article is all about being able to break this amazing technology by using the best radar detector.

For the tech savvy may ask, why does RADAR make use of Radio Waves?

RADAR does make use of Radio Waves because they have more energy and they do not attenuate as fast as other waves would. Thereby covering more distance than any other form of Electromagnetic wave.

How do Radar detectors work?

Radar detectors are essentially receivers of Radio Waves. They pick up the radio waves and convert them into electric form. Everything around us these days, from TVs to cell phones, uses Radio waves. It is extremely difficult to find out which one is the police. This is when the frequency channels come to the rescue. The waves sent by the police radar guns are of a certain frequency band and if the radar detector is tuned to only pick up those in the band of the radar gun, it does so and beeps an alarm informing the driver to slow. Radio waves that are sent out by the police are widespread and can be detected from a distance.

The problem however is that if the radio frequency used by the police changes, which police does periodically, one might have to look for a new detector, an updated one. To find out how to get hands on the best radar detector 2018, read on below.

What should one check for before buying the radar detector system?

  1. It should provide the driver with easily understandable audio video warnings.
  2. It should have both front and rear sensors, so as to be able to detect the police car behind, giving you ample knowledge of your distance and thereby telling you when you have to speed up and when has to not.
  3. Latest technology is definitely more desirable. These days, the radar detectors come with jammers. Jammers are basically a device that transmits radio signals that creates noise (not literal, radio noise). This noise causes echo and thereby the police cannot get accurate readings.
  4. It should have a light detecting panel. This panel provides additional detection facility and helps the driver get through.
  5. In addition to the above qualities, the best radar detector 2018 is the one that can mount easy and camouflages with the car, because most drivers like to mount the detector on the top of the roof of the car.

In conclusion, radio detector technology is getting better every day, but the police are not leaving any stone unturned to better theirs. So, it’s important to keep updated about the technology and invest in the latest.