Facial mask and the peeling treatments

What is peeling?

The word “peeling ” means peeling or exfoliation and consists of the use of chemical substances on the skin to renew their layers and thus be able to eliminate imperfections and favour a uniform colour. The best facial Singapore offers the most best facial in the town! The peeling achieves wrinkles, a rejuvenated and well-hydrated skin, with a correct secretion of fat and a g Normally, different acids (glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, resorcinol, trichloroacetic, phenol, etc.) are used depending on the results sought, skin type, cutaneous status, age and clinical history. Peelings are used to correct fine, medium or deep wrinkles, to treat acne (active, mild or moderate) and its aftermath, photo ageing, skin ageing, sagging, fine and rough skin, oily skin, blemishes cutaneous, actinic keratosis, etc …

Best facial Singapore

It is advisable to stop using creams containing retinoic acid or other irritants at least 3 days before facial peeling. Prior to any type of peeling, a degreasing and deep cleansing of the skin must be carried out. Then the necessary amount of the indicated acid is applied. It is allowed to act at the precise time. You will notice a sensation of itching or burning and redness. After the necessary time, the acid is neutralized and the sensation of itching will disappear while a moisturizing mask is applied.

Best facial Singapore work with different techniques of facial cleansing to adapt to the specific needs of each face and thus be able to perform a cleaning and exfoliation appropriate to the condition and characteristics of each skin, giving it greater clarity and luminosity without attacking it! In addition, we submerge our client in a state of relaxation and well-being, getting him to disconnect from his daily worries. The first step of all our facial cleansing is a facial diagnosis that allows our professionals to evaluate the type of skin they face. In this way it is possible to determine which is the most appropriate facial cleansing and what specific products to use, thus personalizing the treatment.

Classic and best facial Singapore

Traditional and very complete. The procedure of classic facial cleansing is indicated for the most sensitive skin, with acne or for those who prefer a more natural treatment. It lasts 90 minutes during which it exfoliates and manually removes dead cells, and possible sebaceous cysts. It works by decongesting, toning and massaging the face. Using masks that nourish the skin, restoring its natural balance! It is important to keep in mind that classic facial cleansing usually includes exposure to ozonated vapour. The steam promotes blood circulation, purifies and moisturizes the epidermis and facilitates the elimination of toxins as well as pimples and blackheads. Ozone increases tissue and cellular oxygenation and has an important bactericidal and germicidal effect.

But the heat produced by this vapour is contraindicated in the skin with rosacea, telangiectasia or spider veins. In these situations, as in cases of a lot of acne or very sensitive skins, it is possible to replace the steam by the application of an enzymatic peel.

How does it apply?

After removing the skin, we perform a vegetal peeling, and then apply a self-heating and balancing mask, covering the area with para thermic paper. Leave on for 10 minutes. This mask will allow the expansion of the pores and facilitate the extraction. It proceeds to the extraction of impurities. The skin is toned and another purifying and mattifying mask is applied, which makes it possible to attenuate skin flakes and eliminate impurities from the skin. Finally, a massage is made with the final cream to hydrate deeply.

Results of best facial Singapore

Depending on the chemical used in the peel, different degrees of exfoliation will be obtained. In the case of acne, the improvement is noticeable from the first session, but it may take about six sessions. In skin blemishes, between 6 and 12 sessions of depigmenting peelings are usually necessary and the results begin to be appreciated after the third or fourth session. In the treatment to alleviate the skin ageing, it is usually done about five sessions of peeling that are then complemented with other techniques such as a laser, filling wrinkles, treatment of expression wrinkles, etc. And the results can be seen after the first sessions.

It is essential for facial cleansing and other anti-acne treatments: it reduces inflammation and redness while making life impossible for the bacteria responsible for acne. Two birds with one stone. The irritated, congested and reactive skins adore her. Think of the skin after a hair removal: that is the type of redness that I refer to here. And the stimulating property helps those skins lack which suits the revitalizing and anti-stress cosmetics. When you treat the dull skin with High Frequency they return some life to you, tone them up. The firming effect also goes around. The effects of facial peeling are quite long lasting although it is recommended to do souvenir sessions.

Are you not sure which of our best facial Singapore is best suited for your skin’s needs? Do not worry, for this purpose at us, we begin our facial hygiene by performing a small skin analysis prior to the treatment to know what the specific needs of each skin. Depending on the results, we recommend carrying out one type of cleaning or another. The beautician uses it after the extraction and before the mask in the process of cleansing the skin. As you do not tune that much, you can feel the passing of a small electric current that, of course, is not harmful but only surprising and annoying.

But remember that you should think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with our professionals. You should not be afraid to express any doubts or concerns you may have before beginning the classic facial cleansing or any other treatment. You can continue reading about other methods of best facial Singapore that we also do and that without a doubt we recommend you to know.