Have a look at the most safest crib mattress for baby

At bedtime, the baby should be safe and healthy. But what is the best crib mattress? What characteristics must it meet? We explain it in detail and we offer you a selection of the best and safest crib mattress for baby. Choosing the safest crib mattress for baby is a task for which you must take into account two fundamental aspects: first, that the mattress offers security to your child (avoiding the risk of sudden death, spinal problems or risk of contracting allergies) and, second, that it be a comfortable crib mattress that allows the little one to rest properly. The truth is that there is a type of mattress for each type of body since it is not the same to buy a crib mattress for the delicate body of a baby than to do it for an older child.

It is also important that you acquire a mattress that has an excellent structure and mode of manufacture so that it adapts ergonomically to all the movements that the baby can generate during his resting hours. You should also look at the material with which it is drawn so that you can verify for yourself the durability time that it can offer and thus in this way you can save unnecessary expenses in the future. It is also necessary that you know in detail the advantages that the safest crib mattress for baby would offer such as; the firmness, the degree of ventilation, the ease of cleaning and even the design of it so you can evaluate if it would be the right mattress for your baby.

Then, you will the following options that we will describe the features for the safest crib mattress for baby so you can know the advantages of each of the mattresses, as well as the fundamental aspects that you must take into account before deciding on the ideal mattress for comfortable and safe rest and your baby.

Ecus Kids

From the Ecus brand, we present you this wonderful mattress capable of guaranteeing an incomparable rest to the smallest of the house. Thanks to its extraordinary design, this mattress offers you two totally different faces; On the one hand, we find the anti-asphyxiation face with 3D fabric and soft and silky structure, while on the other side we will find the comforting face with quilted bamboo fabric, which makes this an ideal fresh and breathable mattress both for winter and summer.

Also, its zipper makes this mattress completely removable, easy and quick to clean, and best of all is that while you wash one side of it, the other can be used without any inconvenience, also thanks to the oxygenated core HR of open pore, the mattress is not deformed and is even more breathable and durable. The dimensions are 120 x 60 x 12 centimetres and it has a lightweight of 2 kilograms, which makes it a compact product.

IWH 68.8719 / 00

This time we present the 68.8719 / 00 model of the IWH brand characterized by its easy folding system, ideal for those days when you decide to go on a trip with your baby, as well as when you save it without taking up much space. This mattress has a beautiful design that the youngest of the house will love since it is usually very attractive to anyone’s eyes thanks to its cover available in blue colour full of flowers and tender sheep. On the other hand, its dimensions are 60.8 x 41.4 x 17.6 centimetres and its weight is 798 grams, making it a very light product with an accessible size. As an added bonus, this model of crib mattress includes a storage bag and transport that will allow you to protect it from wear and dirt and also take it anywhere with greater comfort when you want.

Candide 451620

It’s time you met the model 451620 of the brand Candide, characterized by the level of comfort that could offer your baby, as well as its Clim’Air system ideal for winter and summer. This safest crib mattress for baby comes with a density of 21 kg / m³, this mattress has two sleeping faces; On the one hand, we have the face of winter air mesh, which will allow your baby to sleep comfortably and warmly without neglecting its temperature thanks to the level of ventilation that it was designed to prevent the smallest of the house from feeling hotheaded On the other side, we have the face It was; which will ensure your child a feeling of freshness during the summer thanks to its absorbent quality.

It is also worth mentioning that this model of crib mattress is verified against harmful substances according to Okeo-Tex-Standard 100. In addition, the dimensions of this wonderful mattress are 60 x 120 centimetres and its weight is 2.5 Kilograms This entire safest crib mattress for baby features an anti-asphyxiation face with ultra-soft 3D fabric and a comforting face that has been made with quilted bamboo fabric, making it a cool and breathable mattress. By having an open pore core, it prevents the mattress from deforming and makes it much more breathable.

The materials of this mattress allow it’s very easy cleaning to keep it always clean and free of stains and odours. The cover can be removed through a zipper and easily machine washed. It guarantees the good rest of the baby during his sleep, guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety. This mattress adapts perfectly to the body of the child of the house. The appearance of this mattress is of high quality and offers a feeling of durability. The fact is that In addition to thermal comfort, the material of the mattress should allow the evacuation of the CO 2 exhaled by the baby while he sleeps since otherwise it can hinder his breathing and increase the risk of sudden infant death.

If you have had or will have a baby and you are looking for a mattress to take care of your baby, do not hesitate to buy one of the mattresses for the crib we have presented to you. Put your baby in good hands with these mattresses.