Hemp oil, and Arthritis

Today we want to share the testimony of a medical cannabis user who also tells all his adventures, recipes, impressions and other situations related to the use of medicinal cannabis in his blog, a real contribution to discover many important benefits from the perspective of “true patient”. A revealing testimony that can help us a lot, today we want to share your personal conclusions, How hemp oil used for pain relief and chronic back pain, one of the most recurrent pains lately, whether due to spinal deviations, accidents, postural problems and even nervous state, tension, depression I stress. See how hemp oil used for pain relief.

We confess that at first, he used drugs to solve his back problems, this consumption began to leave other medical sequels and could not alleviate the pain, already overwhelmed by this situation decided to start experimenting with cannabis to calm the pain and confesses that not He had a lot of faith at first, he thought he could mask or provide a pleasant distraction to camouflage the pain or that he could simply act more as a psychological effect that could help him cope with the discomfort, despite his disbelief he decided to venture out to experiment, since I had nothing to lose.

Ageing affects us all and one of the most common problems – and sometimes one of the most paralyzing – that ageing can cause is arthritis “Arthritis” is a general term that describes 200 different diseases, all of which damage the joints and surrounding tissues by inflammation. Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States and may remove the ability to work or perform daily tasks. On the other hand, medical-legal hemp is related to a 9.4% increase in labour force participation among the more than 50, which can be partly caused by an effect on arthritis. This idea is not new. Hemp has been described as a useful way to relieve the pain of arthritis as early as 2800 BC. More recently, anecdotal reports have described the benefits of hemp extracts in humans and animals with arthritis.

So how could hemp oil and cannabinoids help arthritis? Let us see!

How hemp oil used for pain relief?

Hemp components, such as cannabidiol (CBD), can alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with these diseases. In a study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, 58 a hemp extract containing mainly THC and CBD was tested against a placebo for weeks 5 of treatment. Soon, these are his revealing conclusions:

  1. Cannabis is a natural analgesic. Cannabis not only distracts you from pain, nor does it mask it. He truly works on his body to relieve physical pain. One of the biggest weaknesses of cannabis use (for me) has been pain relief without the side effects of unpleasant synthetic medications or the potential risks with long-term use of synthetic medications.
  2. Cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body. Having pain and discomfort caused by inflammation is a miserable experience and over time can have a negative impact on your overall health. Cannabis acts as a de-inflammatory and therefore relieves pain and discomfort.
  3. Cannabis acts as a natural muscle relaxant and eliminates muscle spasms.

The spasms in the back are the cause of chronic pain, but the regular use of cannabis relaxes the muscles and this over time helps to avoid the accumulation of tension that can trigger in painful spasms.

  1. Cannabis calms anxiety. Experiencing chronic pain creates anxiety, stress and tension in the body and this creates more pain thus building a vicious circle of pain that never ends. Using the right type of cannabis can significantly reduce or eliminate anxiety altogether by soothing the body and nervous system. Once the anxiety cycle of creating stress and tension in the body is broken, less pain is achieved.

Cannabis helps to get out of the depression that may come with chronic back pain.Pain can create a physical depression and depression can create more physical pain. Cannabis can help get you out of that depressive state, benefiting not only the body but also your mental health.

Cannabis: Pain relief, an anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant that also acts as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. A natural and synergistic work plant in the body to heal, calm, and create well-being.Pain is supposed to be one of those things in our body that is there for our benefit, it is our job to listen to what you have to say, respect, and do what is necessary to relieve in the healthiest way possible.

Rheumatoid arthritis X-ray in the joints, the blood level of inflammatory markers and the subjective evaluation of the patient’s health; a previous study in mice demonstrated the exact effects of CBD 5. The administration of CBD resulted in the production and functions of reduced inflammatory chemicals and reduced the growth of the number of immune cells involved in arthritis. In addition to inflammation, cannabinoids, such as CBD, can also relieve pain . One researcher claims that they can control the transmission of pain signals to the brain by binding to nerve receptors.

Other cannabinoids and arthritis

Apart from CBD, there are other components of hemp that can help fight arthritis . Cannabicyclohene (CBC) has shown both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. “Analgesic” means that it relieves pain without affecting cognition or awareness. Cannabigerol (CBG) is also analgesic and can be anti-inflammatory by blocking the often unpleasant route of lipoxygenase. These abilities have been described as superior to THC, which, although psychoactive, is the most researched cannabinoid.

Do not use hemp oil or any other hemp-based product, if you are pregnant or if you are likely to be pregnant. There is evidence that women who use hemp at the time of conception or during pregnancy may be at increased risk for their child to be born with congenital malformations or with too low a weight. Also, do not use hemp if you plan to breastfeed your baby.