How To Effectively Guard Against Psychic Attacks

Cowards die many times before their death. The events around us today in the world have heightened fear among many people all over the world. The state of insecurity despite measures put in place by governments at various levels has made many people a slave of fear even in the developed countries of the world. You have to find a way of controlling your subconscious mind if you want to live a life that will make you achieve your full potentials on earth.

Those that pay a visit to the cheap psychic do so because they can no longer control the activities of their sub-conscious mind. No matter how best you tried; you will definitely have an encounter with some events beyond the physical that you find hard to explain. If this happens, what should be your reaction? Many people out there do not know how to handle this aspect effectively well; they allow the fear from their sub-conscious mind to rule them.

The objective of this article is to educate you on how best you can handle the subject of psychic attack when it hits you. The following tips are enough to protect you all through:

You Have To Be Aware

When you are aware of the psychic attack immediately it hits you; then you will be in the best position to absorb the abnormality that has taken place. Those that are aware have the advantage of being able to effectively diminish the effects of such attack on their body. When they have taken effective control of that, their mission to the cheap psychic will see them been able to effectively handle their emotions during the course of the session.

Ask for guidance

For every problem, there is a solution. After you have discovered that an attack has occurred; worrying about the outcome will not give you the desired solutions. Since you are not a spiritualist; the most appropriate action to take is to consult a learned fellow to help stop the attack. He should be the person that is ably positioned to stop the attack on you.

Do Not Think About The Actions Of The Attacker

Do not mirror the actions of the attacker in your mind. Doing that will not help your course in any way. Secondly, you must avoid taking on the garment of vengeance on your attacker. Any attempt to plot a counterattack on the attacker should be avoided.

Prepare To Send loving thoughts

Two wrongs do not make a right. In this situation, your attacker is in the weaker position. It will not help your position if you decide to make it bullet for the bullet; fire for fire; rather choose an entirely different path from the one the attacker is following. The fact that they are sending a serpent in your direction should not warrant your sending such to your enemy’s direction.

The enemy definitely meant evil; you can use good to conquer the evil intentions that he had towards you. In your enemy’s weak position, what he actually needed is compassion that helps the person to see as well as heal his or her own darkness. This is the best way to emotionally disarm your aggressor. You will send a signal to him or her that will consume him/her with a fire that will make him lay down the sword.

Let Their Be Showers Of Light

As humans, the thought of the damage done to you by your aggressor will be burning in your mind. Anytime you remember such; take it upon yourself to let go. Evil is always perpetrated under the thick cover of darkness. When the thought of vengeance comes upon you; do your best to perish the thought.

Instead of orchestrating an evil thought from the dark side of your mind; do your best to shine the light onto the darkest recesses of your aggressor. You might not know the power and effect of this unless you look at it with this mindset

When a fellow is perpetrating evil under the cover of darkness and the light suddenly shines; the perpetrator will be forced to stop in his tracks. If the light is allowed to linger on, then there is no way the perpetrator can go back to aggression with the rays of light on. Shine the light, and the unleashing of the attack on you by the perpetrator will automatically stop.

You Need To Be Strong

Your willpower should be strong enough to weather the worst storm in life. Your emotion is your power. When most clients get into the session with the cheap psychic; the emotions of most of them take the greater part of them. Instead of allowing the astrology to do the talking; they keep pouring in their emotions and the medium will be left with no choice than to listen to the outpouring of emotions.

Perhaps the strongest weapon that you can use to overcome a psychic attack is to be emotionally strong in the face of all the attacks. You have to identify your internal emotions and the worst of your fears and move on to fashion a formula that you will effectively deploy to heal such. People suffer from the effect of displaying negative energy which has a damaging effect on them. Keep it cool to the extent that the absorption effects of the negative energy will be drastically reduced. You have to be focused and remain forever emotional stable in the face of the worst form of aggression. That way, you will be able to effectively keep the absorption as well as the effects of negative energies to the barest minimum.


Prevention is better than cure. You can be on top if you are able to adopt the strategies above and put them into action in your attitude to life. If you are able to achieve this; then you will have fewer issues when you pay a visit to that cheap psychic that is close to you.