Read In Detail About The Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights

The market for LED products offers an extensive variety of options in respect of grow lights that are installed indoors for gardening activities. But increase in the range of options make it quite confusing for the buyers to make a final decision as to which brand of LED lights would be the most suitable for them.

While purchasing a full spectrum led grow lights it is important to understand that all the different LED products are manufactured in diverse ways. To get a basic knowledge as to how can a LED grow light prove to be beneficial for indoor gardening activity, the first thing to notice is in respect of quantity as well as quality of the light produced by the fixture.

The various aspects which needs utmost consideration on part of the buyer pertains to the terms like PAR and Spectrum. The buyers needs to find the relation that exist between them, its functioning and the proper way to use it. By way of this article the readers can come to recognize about the technical aspects related to LED grow lights in detail.

What is the meaning of the term Full Spectrum and PAR?

In order to promote any specific model of LED grow lights, most of the manufacturers in the market uses the term Full Spectrum. You cannot expect that a HID of 1000w would get replaced by a LED light of 100w. A full spectrum led grow lights will provide for appropriate amount of chlorophyll absorption to the plants.

When it comes to comparing the power of the LED grow lights it is quite common to use a device known as lux meter. This device makes it possible to measure the overall density of the lumens, also called as luminous flux. But it is advisable that you should be using another device for the purpose of measuring the quality and power of the grow lights for growing your plants.

This device is the PAR meter that measures the light range, that usually lies between four hundred to seven hundred nanometers, used by the plants during the photosynthesis process. The light’s intensity gets measured by the PAR meter that is present in the spectrum. In case of lux meter, the device is only feasible to measure the wavelengths of those lights that are the most brightest, and in the process it ignores the wavelength of other lights like red and blue ones, which are required by the plants.

Know in detail about full spectrum led grow lights :-

Manufacturers who uses the term full spectrum led grow lights for marketing their products in the market ensures that their LED grow lights offers quality output in respect of the light that gets spread across the overall PAR range. The term can be associated with the performance of the manufacturer as well.

Most of the LED companies, in today’s time, are focusing on manufacturing a technically advanced and better quality LED grow lights to the potential buyers. As such, the LED grow lights developed recently are using white chips instead of pink or purple one. The white chips in the lights are manufactured by a process in LED die gets deposited with some sort of a coating.

The phosphor composition and the blue LED’s dominant wavelength are the major factors that determines the colour temperature as well as shade of the white light. The perfect variation in the diode’s colour temperature depends on the phosphor coating’s thickness. This is the complete process which is undertaken in order to produce a superior quality full spectrum led grow lights.

How to determine which is the best LED grow light?

The perfect way to determine which grow light would be the most suitable, one of the easiest ways is to compare the spectrum of LEd light with that of the sun. One more thing to look out for is the feature that offers the user to regulate the intensity of light as per their convenience. For the process of photosynthesis, the wavelength of light that falls outside of PAR spectrum is not considered to be good.

The ultra-violet rays of the sun is found to be very destructive for the growth of plants. And the infrared lights are comparatively weaker and also emits heat. Some of the important factors which needs to be considered while purchasing the full spectrum led grow lights from the market are as follows :-

  • Size of the LED grow light :- Most of the grow lights available in the market are large in size as well as quite bulky. It will be a problem if the gardening area is relatively small. However, the full spectrum led grow lights are comparatively smaller in size and provides for freeing up the gardening space as well.
  • Cost of the light :- At present, the LED grow lights are quite expensive because the technology used in manufacturing it is new and advanced. But if you take into contemplation the efficiency factor which these lights have to offer for a prolonged period of time, then paying two or three bucks more won’t look like a big issue. Also you won’t need to get these LED grow lights replaced soon.
  • Heat generated by the lights :- For maintaining a well-grown garden with healthy plants it is important to ensure the perfect temperature inside the area. The heat energy emitted by LED lights are controlled properly to ensure that the plants can grow without any problem.

To know more about which brand of LED grow lights are the best option, you can simply check for the information on the internet. Complete review articles are published on various online websites where different LED grow lights products are analysed in detail. The readers are made aware about the advantages or benefits offered by such lights along with price list as well.

Buyers are required to undertake proper comparison of the different brands precisely so that they only purchase high-quality and efficient LED grow lights.