Top 5 Socket Set Brands on the Market

The sockets are one of the most possess tools by any mechanic. These are those which lend a helping hand to man when you are in dire need of urgent help required. But getting the right brand of socket set has become a herculean task these days due to the influx of a large number of socket sets of various brands in the market. These are the handpicked list of top 5 best socket set brands you can find in today’s market.

Stanley Socket Set

This is one of the highly preferred brands of socket set in the market. The best part about buying this product is that it can be shipped to any part of the world. There are about 69 pieces in this set so that it is useful for any range of purposes. The common complaint that is posed by the people is the non-fitting of the various parts when it comes to different applications. So, if you are looking for a socket brand that has to serve various purposes, then you need to buy this brand. If you are going to use the same set for a number of applications, then this particular brand is the best. It is the best value for the price.

Tekton Socket Set

If you are looking for a socket set that can remove a lot of bolts with much ease then you should be buying Tekton Socket Set. The excellent design of this set makes the removal of bolts and nuts much easier. The sockets can work around the tightest surfaces and still not get stuck and provide the needed service much well. The tools vary from ½ inch up to 1 inch. Due to the various sizes and diameters, they can operate on things that are small as well as big. Since it is made from a material that has good corrosion resistance, the product can last for long. Lifetime warranty is also provided for this product, so you can purchase it without any second thoughts.

Stanley Ratchet Kit

If you are looking for a vanadium plated toolkit, then you must be buying this socket set. The vanadium actually increases the durability of the socket set. This brand of socket set ranges from 40 pieces to 201 pieces. The socket tool comes neatly packed in a case so that it is easy for storage and it is portable in nature too. The quick release mechanism helps with the easy operation of the toolkit. The tools that are used in this socket can bear a lot of wear and tear. The customers, who have used this socket set, have mentioned that it had lasted for more than 10 years.

Stanley Black Socket

If you are looking for an imported socket set that is chrome plated, then you should buy this. The kit apart serving all your needs also looks extremely cool with his excellent design. This is one of those products that have met the standards of ANSI. Since it is very compact, you can carry it to places. The product design makes it simple for beginners to use. There are a lot of things you could accomplish by making use of this socket set. The company provides you with a lifetime guarantee and you can derive multiple benefits. These fasteners last longer as they are made from good quality steel.

Bostitch Pass-through Socket Set

This product stands apart from the other socket sets due to the usage of rubber for the hand grip. The rubber handgrips make the product easy to handle. This socket set is made in the United States of America and can be imported here. This is one of those products that have never received negative feedback from the client side. If you have a look at the various reviews posted by customers from all over the world, you will be happy to see that you have made the right choice by preferring to buy this over the rest. These fasteners work too quickly and since you have a rubber grip it does not slip off from you.

All these 5 Socket Set brands are unique in their own means. If you make a choice out of these 5 brands, then you are sure to experience a great product service.