Sometimes you have the idea that a welding machine is to have a welding machine or welder, and it is not that it is not true, but there is much more than the welding machine. Today we are going to number what a hobart handler 190 is made of, a minimum viable equipment with which you can weld and with safety guarantees included. You can weld without some of the components that we are going to list of hobart handler 190, but … you may be missing some quality or safety to develop the activity.

Components of hobart handler 190

Welding machine or welding machine

All the components are important but the welder could say that it is one of the most important of the whole team. The welding machine which ultimately converts alternating current into continuous (usually) can regulate the output intensity according to the electrode we have to weld. It is also the most expensive component to acquire for the equipment although the prices are very variable depending on the type of welding machine and the benefits that these can give. The welding machines are very varied for many reasons. There are machines for different welding techniques and disciplines such as MMA (with electrode), TIG (torch of tungsten and inert gas), MIG / MAG (continuous wire machines). There are also those that work with alternating current but it is usual to work with direct current. Professional welders of great volume and weight, but there are also small machines such as inverters with a wide range of features and prices. The truth is that the market offers a wide range of possibilities according to the needs of the user.

Dough and clamp cables or electrode holders

All the machines have to be provided with these two cables. The negative current will pass through one of them and the positive one through the other. The usual thing is that the negative pole is the ground cable (the one that is attached to the piece) and at the positive pole, goes the cable of the clamp or electrode holder. In the MIG / MAG machines in the positive connected the hose where the thread and gas pass at the same time until you reach the welding gun. On the contrary, in the TIG technique, the cables are connected upside down, in the positive pole it connects the cable off the ground and in the negative pole, it connects the cable of the welding torch that melts the filler material in the joints. According to the welding technique, the cables change shapes and polarities, but all techniques require two cables: positive and negative.

Materials of contribution

Each technique of hobart handler 190 uses different materials for the welding, but in all the techniques they need these materials. It is also true that there are welds in which the materials of contribution are not necessary. It is the welding by points, which are made by electrodes that melt a small part of the metal and by pressure the pieces are joined. I only name it but it is not the technique of interest for today.


They are the contribution material that we use for MMA welding. These are rods of different types of steels and qualities according to the materials to be welded. They are covered by a coating along the entire rod except at one of its ends to be able to grip the electrode holder. The characteristics and qualities are very varied.


They are as their name indicates a coil of continuous wire that is used for the contribution and fusion of the welding joint. This material is used in MIG / MAG welding techniques. There are also coils of different sizes and different qualities.


They are supplied rods for TIG techniques. These rods are usually of fine diameter and of a length of approximately one meter. There are also different grades of filler steel.

Screen or welding mask

This complement of welding equipment could be considered as part of the personal equipment of each individual or welding operator, especially those that are subject to the operator’s head. We can find different types of welding screens such as hand screens, head screens and photosensitive screens. The qualities and the market prices are very extensive. Find what best suits your needs.

Personal protection

While it is true that the mask could also be included in this section, we will list other protections that are often ignored, which is a serious error in the short and long term. You have to understand, that welding can become a dangerous practice if the appropriate measures are not taken. Among them, the first thing you should do is to protect yourself, so you can continue with the practice for a long time. We could make a complete post with this section, but the objective is to number the important complements of the welding equipment. However, we will name them to remember the personal protections: leather gloves, leather leggings, appropriate clothing, hearing protection, respiratory masks, approved leather boots, safety glasses and recommended sleeves or leather jacket.

Electrical outlet

If we do not have electricity, we can do little. It seems so obvious that many times we take it for existing and it can lead us to surprises in hobart handler 190. As a general rule it is logical that there is an electrical outlet where we are going to do the welding work, but in certain works, we do not have this electrical network. For these cases, it is necessary to consider having an electric generator powered by any fuel.

These generators must have the capacity to supply the necessary energy required by the welding machine. The electrical network also has to have enough amperage to be able to feed the power demanded by each specific welding machine.

Auxiliary tools of hobart handler 190

To be able to work with more quality it is necessary to have these tools to be able to clean and sanitize part of the cores at the beginning and the end of them. These tools are pickaxe, wire brush and small radial.