What is the starter?

However, despite general ignorance, it is an element without which it would be impossible to start our car. That’s why we want to tell you about the role played by the starter in the general system of a car and what we should do in case of any failure. Enter the garage and you approach your car, you enter the key to open the door as every day and with a coordinated movement, you settle into the driver’s seat while you reposition the key to start the car. To your surprise and anger, you discover that, after emitting a slight noise, the battery has died and the vehicle will not move from the site. In general, it is important to periodically monitor the condition of our car. In addition, it is also advisable to replace some parts with car spare parts. 1960 nash metropolitan an economical and effective option to have our vehicle always ready.

But today, with the development of new automotive technologies, car batteries have become even more sophisticated due to the implementation of several systems to reduce consumption. Thanks to this, the price of them has risen to € 300. 1960 nash metropolitan invite you to know the wide variety of Genuine parts and accessories, which will give more durability and performance to your vehicles, which ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle, being parts and pieces certified by each of our brands. To quote a specific spare part, have the VIN number of your car on hand. The VIN is the chassis number that is also included in the registration number of your vehicle.

If instead our trips in the car are longer it is advisable to have a wheel identical to our car because if we ever have a problem on the road with a particular thing, we simply have to replace it through the 1960 nash metropolitan and continue on the road. The starter motor is the part that is responsible for starting the thermal engine; it is an auxiliary component that works by the electric power it receives through the car’s battery. The starter motor consists of two main elements: the motor itself, an electric mechanism that meshes with the heat engine and a starter relay that fulfils two functions; disconnect and connect the circuit and operate the starter pinion.

How does the starter work?

The operation of the starter, although it may seem a very technical and complex procedure, is simply a fairly simple circuit that aims to drive the thermal engine that will allow the movement of the vehicle. In operation this start circuit starts when we turn the key of the contact: at this moment the battery transmits an intense electric current through some thick wires to the solenoid, a power switch that can absorb the power coming from the battery and that It switches off and on quickly to avoid problems. When the current reaches this piece, an electromagnet attracts a rod made of iron that completes the circuit by closing two heavy contacts and also acting as a return spring necessary to prevent the starter from turning more than necessary. If this system does not work properly, the motor consumes too much electricity causing a discharge of the battery.

The energy is transmitted to the opinion which is coupled to a gearwheel crown of the flywheel. When the pinion rotates transmitting the movement to the starter motor shaft, it transmits the impulse by inertia to the thermal motor, operating.

Starter motor failures

At the moment we turn the key of the contact, if we notice that the engine is not being started, it is probably due to a failure in the starter or the battery. The way to distinguish it is to operate the lights and check if they do not light or the intensity is very low: in which case it will be a battery problem. Other indications that the starter motor has some defect may be strange noises at the time of contacting or the smell of burning and smoke when we start the vehicle.

Before buying your spare parts

  • Find out the internal denomination of your car. All manufacturers name their cars with an internal name or technique-would be in each generation of the model, which manufacturers of components used to refer to them and to indicate which spare parts are used for what vehicle. Take into account the year of manufacture of your car. It will help you when selecting the correct exterior parts for your vehicle -even if you already know the internal denomination of your model- since these have been able to change with the arrival of a restyling, however small.
  • Always write down the technical reference to your engine. You will find it in the technical file of the vehicle you will find technical information about which engines are valid; they usually appear with their technical name, that’s why you need to know it.
  • Make sure that the piece you buy is good for your vehicle. If you do not have it very clear, consult your official service or your mechanic; the reason? Before the slightest doubt, discard the online purchase and request the piece in your workshop because, although some online spare parts stores allow you to return it, if you have made a mistake when requesting it You will have to take care of the shipping costs; see ‘What if I have to return the piece?’

In case the engine of your vehicle is showing some fault, we recommend that you trust a professional to solve it, another cheaper and economically sustainable option is to go to 1960 nash metropolitan, for example, 1960 nash metropolitan where you have the option of Find a replacement engine at a lower price than the manufacturer. The 1960 nash metropolitan are also framed within a very comfortable way of buying since we do not need to move.