Why is science fiction so fascinating?

Without a doubt, the cinema is one of the greatest universes in which we can submerge. Stories of all kinds await us week after week thanks to the work of numerous producers in the world. Undoubtedly, since its inception, cinema has become one of the most important elements of our entertainment for all; maybe television has been left a little aside with smartphones and the internet. But the cinema will never be.

Its amplitude is just that important feature that cinema brings us. The reason is simple and that is that producers and writers know very well that the public is very varied. Each person has a favorite film genre, while others seem to have few signifiers for him or her. Due to the implicit subjectivity in the whole subject, it is necessary to produce films of all sizes and colors.

And speaking of the subject is very interesting to talk about science fiction. This genre of cinema has been scaling the screen without stopping since its appearance, and has become one of the most popular among users. Between the inveterate romantics and the lovers of the terror they are in the middle, sharing fanatics of both ends, science fiction. Now, do you know why?

The genre of science fiction is very attractive to the consumer because it is extremely broad. If we take a few minutes to inquire about its definition we will find that science fiction is a narrative genre that alters the discoveries of current science to take them to a much more advanced level, finding contexts that do not exist until now.

Stories of all kinds can be developed in the middle of a main science fiction plot. Love, terror, suspense and action, all this and more can be seen while we face a dystopian world with futuristic aims. An excellent idea to spend a pleasant moment, isn’t it?

What characterizes science fiction?

Yesmovies has identified some of the most basic properties or that best define this literary and cinematographic genre. Some of them could be:

  • It resembles the fantastic but it is not the same. There are stories whose support is only fantasy and stories based on fairy tales are a great example of that. Science fiction is fantasy in some ways, but the most important difference is that all the fantasy shown on the screen is explained through current or future scientific discoveries.
  • The anticipation. One of the most interesting aspects is the way in which the writers of these stories make their imagination fly to imagine technology that would be presented in the future. The best thing of all is that sometimes they are right and predict it construction.
  • It makes use of imagery and speculation. Science fiction movies produce stories based on futuristic elements and creatures that we have not seen so far.
  • The social criticism. This is undoubtedly the most unexpected feature that has hovered around this literary and cinematographic genre. All science fiction movies, including the big franchises that talk about superheroes and extraterrestrial, make social critiques. Beyond the fantasy that is presented, the ultimate goal of science fiction films is to make man a little more aware of humanity and his position in it in modernity.

How did science fiction emerge in cinema?

Science fiction is a properly literary genre that is found in multiple works throughout history. However, one good day throughout the twentieth century computers already had enough technology to make imagination fly a little more. Producers, writers and directors began to bring the favorite science fiction stories from the books to the big screen and to incorporate new unpublished stories. Thus, in a short time, this genre became very popular, being recognized as one of the favorites for all users, regardless of their age and gender.

The favorite elements of science fiction movies

As yesmovies points out in a horror movie we will find beings about natural or paranormal activities; In a romance movie we will find the experiences of a couple. In an action movie we will find weapons, lots of movement, cars and usually male actors. But what kind of elements is those that most characterize these fantasy movies based on “pseudoscience”?

  • Mythic and occult: they rescue some ideas from the best horror films. So, science fiction films can include any of these elements within their plot.
  • Superheroes stories: with great world franchises, this could be classified as the subgenre or element of science fiction with the biggest fans in the whole world. There are all kinds of material behind these stories that go far beyond the super hero, his cape and his desire to save the world.
  • Dystopias and utopias: can you imagine living in a city or a completely different one? Where we are controlled by extraterrestrials or simply are genetically manipulated to act within a certain way in the system. All these stories fit into this group, showing us alternative contexts in which our protagonists develop.
  • Extraterrestrial and outer space: if there are films that have to do with impressive adventures, they are just these. Through them you will know the space in the best way possible while you enjoy a film through

Rescuing the idea of ​​social criticism

Every film has among its multiple objectives, to carry a message to society. Beyond the plot and the outcome of the story, our role as spectators is to identify the message that the writers and producers wanted to point out in us. This characteristic is much more marked in science fiction movies. Why?

When the first films of this genre began to appear, writers and producers realized that it was much easier to talk about strong social issues through fantastical and futuristic stories. The public received them more easily and captured the message without the need for any type of subsequent inconvenience. As science fiction film progressed in history, it was coupled to the context to which it belonged and touching themes that seemed worrying in its then. Today we have films with clear political and social positions disguised as an interesting dystopian story. In yesmovies, a wide variety of them can be found.