2.8 Hours Later is zombie themed tag on an epic scale. You’ll find yourself in the city five years after the original outbreak. Zombie infection rates outstrip births and humanity is on the brink of extinction. You are amongst the last survivors.

You are given a mission: somewhere there is a laboratory. In the laboratory is something of great value. Find the lab, discover what it contains and bring it back. But between you and the lab lies 2.8 miles of marauding zombies. Will you make it without becoming infected? Will you survive the night?

zombie bite, can cause infection quarantine a whole load of zombie gore

First buy your tickets

Game Start

The start location will be released to ticket buyers in an email 30 days before the game. If you have bought a ticket and do not receive this email, check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, call our help line. The time on your ticket is your start time. There are three start times to help reduce queueing but there may be queues.

Please note that this is a ticket only event.


Where can I play 2.8 Hours Later?

Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Gateshead, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol and two more dates in the autumn of 2015 to be announced end of March 2015

How do I get tickets?

Click on the 'Buy Tickets' link in the tickets and dates section. You can pay with debit or credit cards or PayPal. We send out e-tickets only by email.

What are tiered tickets?

We tier our tickets like a music festival. There is no qualitative difference between the tiers, just price. We release the cheapest tickets first, the Early Birds. When they go, we offer the more expensive Standard tickets. 

What are preview tickets?

Preview nights are like in the theatre. It's the full game but as it's first night there may be glitches. They are rare, but they do happen. That's why we don't charge as much.

Where does the game start?

You will receive the game start location 30 days before the game via email.

What will I have to actually do?

There are a series of locations around the city. You must find your way to each without being caught by zombies that prowl the city. It's zombie themed tag on an epic scale. At the start you are given the first location. If you make it there you will be given the next location, and so on, until you make it to the Asylum and the Zombie disco.

Do we fight back?

No. This is a game of tag. A pretty awesome game of tag, but definitely non-contact. You'll be chased and you run. If you get touched, you must stop and be marked with the infection by the zombie. Then you carry on. This mark may mean infection or it may not. You will find out when you get scanned in quarantine at the Survivors camp.

What happens if I get caught by the zombies?

You will be tagged by the zombie and marked with the infection. You continue to play but if this mark shows up in quarantine scanning at Asylum, you 'become' a zombie.

What does 'becoming' a zombie mean.

You get stamped with the infected stamp and then sent to the treatment room. There we make you up as a zombie and send you into the Zombie Disco.

Is there a minimum age to play the game?

Yes, sorry it's over 18s only. We operate a Challenge 25 policy, so if you don't look 25 please bring photo ID

Why are you not offering concessions?

We tried it but as our tickets often sell out really quickly we had people buying concessions who didn't qualify. If you can't afford the full ticket we do offer preview night at a discount, or you can volunteer to chase. You get training, make up and costume. And a free ticket to play.

Can I play with my friends?

Absolutely, come as a gang. No more than eight in a group though.

Can I book a bunch of tickets in my name?

Yup. We don't check names at box office, but make sure you forward game info emails to your guests.

What if I come alone?

No problem. We'll team you up with some other people for the start. A lot of people make friends this way but you can go solo once you're out there if you are a real lone wolf.

Do I need to dress up?

We love costumes but come as you wish. Some players dress in character, others don't.

Can I bring weapons or similar props?

This is a definite no. So, no nerf guns, latex swords, frying pans, cosmic death rays, throwing stars or cutlasses etc. Sorry guys, but if you bring anything that might be construed as a weapon by Her Majesty's finest, we will have to confiscate them at the start.

I want to volunteer to chase or help with the game.

Great! We have lots of opportunities for people to play as zombies or help behind the scenes. Check out the volunteer FAQs at the bottom for info on how to apply. if you go for our Chase & Play deposit, we offer a free ticket in return for a night's work. You also get to attend the world's only zombie school

How physical is the game?

Pretty physical. There is no contact other than possibly being tagged by a zombie, but there will be plenty of running. Wear comfortable shoes, get limber. Doing some training now may well help you survive come the apocalypse.

What happens if I get separated from my friends, or become lost?

There is a help line that you can text or call. You can also approach game staff for help if you get into difficulties. They will be identified by t-shirts or high vis. jackets.

Do we have to pay extra for the Zombie Disco?

Nope. Your game ticket gets you into the Zombie disco. We have DJs, huge projected zombie shoot 'em ups, zombies vs humans games, a dance off and a pay bar.

I want to change nights.

Sorry but tickets are not transferable. 

I want to cancel and obtain a refund what do I do?

We do not allow cancellations or give refunds. Please note we do not check names, or start times, so feel free to pass the ticket on.

I can't play, can I give a ticket to a friend?

Yup. We don't check names, pass it on.

What you should bring

A mobile phone is useful to find friends and ask for help if you get lost. Money is a good idea as there is a BAR at Asylum. This is a game not a race - but it is a physical game, so dress accordingly. Think of it this way: if you had time to dress for the zombie apocalypse what would you wear? If you're thinking weather appropriate clothes that allow you the comfort and manoeuvrability to out run a zombie, stand up to exposure to zombie gore* while keeping your phone and valuables safe then you are getting close. Heels = injury.

Game Duration

The game will last about between one and a half to three hours - it depends on how quick you are. After the game there is the Zombie disco, on till 1 or 2 in the morning. So make sure you have got whatever you need with you for the night. You will be starting in groups of six to eight people. You will be told where to go for the first location. The rest is up to you.

We have Beer

The game ends with a zombie disco, complete with bar that the most resourceful apocalypse survivor would be proud of. However, for safety reasons we do require that you don't drink alcohol before or during the game. Drunk people always hurt themselves or get eaten. It's a rubbish survival plan.
A full survivors guide will be provided to all players on the night of the game. You will need this to find other survivors and your own salvation...