2.8 Hours Later is produced by SlingShot and we want to make sure everyone can play the game safely, so like any game there are rules:


You must at all times comply with the laws of physics. Just because you're having fun doesn't mean that the big red bus will not knock you down.

Look after the natives

The people you come across will not necessarily understand your actions or the urgency with which you may be going about them with. Be aware of this and try not to upset or frighten people, especially if you're in a group. Big groups of people dashing about on unknown business can be frightening. Be nice to people, if you have time, explain what you're up to. People might like to play too.

The cops are not actors

We have not digitally recreated the city in minute detail. This is the real world and that's what makes it fun. It does mean that the normal laws you live by still apply. Private property is still private, crossings are still the best places to cross roads and all other laws of the land are still in effect.

We're all in this together

Try not to put anyone at risk when your playing. If you play the game properly and within the rules you should stay safe. But be aware of people when you're playing think about the consequences of your actions.

Let us take your picture

We need to document the game in photographs and video. We use these images to help us market the game on-line and in the press. We do not release the images to third parties for any other reason. We are sure you can understand that it would be very impractical to avoid players who do not wish to be filmed, so we ask you to agree to having your picture taken and for us to use it to market the game in print, online and on broadcast television.

We’re all grown ups here

To play this game you must be over 18. You also have to look after yourself. When you are out there in the city you are playing at your own risk, so take care.

Inevitably, we need to refer you to the full legal terms. A copy of these are available here. Before you start the game you will be asked to agree with these legal terms. Hard copies of the legal terms will be available for viewing at the start.