The legendary zombie chase game returns to Birmingham with the launch of Asylum, complete with a new storyline, characters and challenges for the 2013 tour. Once again you’ll be starting from a secret city location. You will find yourself in a City that has been secured against the zombie epidemic, but the fences have been breached and the sanctuary becomes your prison. You must escape and seek out the small pockets of survivors hiding out in the zombie badlands. From them you must discover the location of Asylum. Can you and your friends make it through this nightmarish world and find safety?

Tickets are £30* and include entry into the the Zombie Disco. The dancing goes on late each night. Here you can settle some scores in Zombies vs Humans, play Zombie shoot 'em ups, get down to some zombie tunes or just buy a drink at the bar and catch up on each others' tales of survival or otherwise...

To celebrate the launch of Asylum we are holding a massive zombie disco in a stonking new venue in Birmingham and are offering tickets to the Zombie Disco for the first time. Remember, players get free entry to this with their game ticket, but if you don't have stomach for the chase, come along for the dance. Tickets are just £5*, £4* for students.

*Includes all booking fees