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2.8 Hours Later crosses the border for it's first event outside England. The response from the citizens of that fine city has been overwhelming, with several hundred people volunteering to chase as zombies. So, stand by for a city packed with zombies. Once again we have amazing secret locations and a grand finale in a stunning climatic venue, featuring the Zombie Disco - all included in the ticket price. Here there will be a pay bar, projected zombie shoot 'em ups to play and banging sets of zombie tunes.


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How To Play

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? There are a series of locations around the city. You must find your way to each without being caught by zombies that prowl the streets. At the start you are given the first location and a map. If you make it there you will encounter a survivor with a story to tell. They will give you the next location, where you will another survivor, and so on, until you make it to Resistance HQ. Here you will be scanned for infection. If you are clear you can enter. If the scan shows the signs of infection you must join the zombie horde.

Before the game. First you need to buy a ticket for the game in your chosen city. You can find a link to the relevant box office from the ticket section.

What you should bring. A mobile phone is useful to find friends and ask for help if you get lost. Some money is good. This is a game not a race but it is a physical game, so dress accordingly. Think of it this way: if you had time to dress for the zombie apocalypse what would you wear? If you’re thinking weather appropriate clothes that allow you the comfort and maneuverability to out run a zombie, stand up to exposure to zombie gore* while keeping your phone and valuables safe then you are getting close.

Game start. You’ll get the game start location with your ticket. The time advertised is the actual start of the game and there may be queues, so we recommend you arrive at least 30 mins beforehand to complete game sign up. Please note that this is a ticket only event.

Game duration. The game will last about ... 2.8 hours. So make sure you’ve got whatever you need with you for the night. You will be starting in groups of six to eight people. You will be told where to go to first and that you must avoid zombies. The rest is up to you.

We have beer. The game ends with a zombie disco, complete with bar. However, before that you will be running for your life, so we strongly recommend you stay off the sauce before you play. Plenty of time for drinking later.

A full survivors guide will be provided to all players on the night of the game. You will need this to find other survivors and your own salvation...

* zombies (as everyone knows) naturally exude gore. Zombie gore may not be removable by machine washing. While your experience in the zombie apocalypse may keep you gore free please be prepared should you not be so lucky.



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11 St Nicholas st

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Where does the game start?

You will receive the game start location with your ticket.

What will I have to actually do?

There are a series of locations around the city. You must find your way to each without being caught by zombies that prowl the city. At the start you are given the first location. If you make it there you will be given the next location, and so on, until you make it to Resistance HQ.

Do we fight back?

No. This is a game of tag. A pretty awesome game of tag, but definitely non-contact. You'll be chased and you run. If you get touched, you must stop and be marked by the zombie. Then you carry on. This mark may mean infection or it may not. You will find out when you get scanned at the Resistance HQ.

What happens if I get caught by the zombies.

You will be tagged by the zombie and marked. You continue to play but if this mark shows up in scanning at the Resistance HQ, you 'become' a zombie.

What does 'becoming' a zombie mean.

We make you up as a zombie (but only if you agree) and send you into the zombie disco.

Is there a minimum age to play the game?

Yes, sorry it's over 18s only.

Why are you not offering concessions?

We tried it but as our games sell out so quickly we had people buying concessions who didn't qualify. If you can't afford the full ticket we do offer preview night at a discount.

What is preview night?

Its like what you get in the theatre. It's the full game but as it's the first night, there may be a few glitches so we don't charge full price.

Can I play with my friends?

Absolutely, come as a gang. No more than eight in a group though.

What if I come alone?

No problem. We'll put you with five other people for the start. What you do after that is up to you. This is not a team game.

Do I need to dress up?

We love costumes but come as you wish. Some players dress in character, others don't.

Can I bring weapons or similar props?

This is a definite no. So, no nerf guns, latex swords, frying pans, cosmic death rays, throwing stars or cutlasses etc. Sorry guys, but if you bring anything that might be construed as a weapon by Her Majesty's finest, we will have to confiscate them at the start.

I want to volunteer to chase or help with the game.

Great! We have lots of opportunities for people to play as chasers or help behind the scenes. Check out the volunteer FAQs at the bottom for info on how to apply. We offer a free ticket in return for a night's work.

How physical is the game?

Pretty physical. There is no contact other than possibly being touched by a zombie, but there will be plenty of running. Wear comfortable shoes.

What happens if I get separated from my friends, or become lost?

There is a help line that you can text or call. You can also approach game staff for help if you get into difficulties. They will be identified by t-shirts or high vis. jackets.

Do we have to pay extra for the Zombie Disco?

Nope. Your game ticket gets you into the Zombie disco. We have DJs, huge projected zombie shoot 'em ups, VJ set and a pay bar.

I want to  change nights.

Sorry but we charge for cancellations and tickets are not transferable. If you want to change nights, buy a ticket for your new night immediately and then sell the old one privately (ie on ebay or via the game Facebook page). Tickets are generally in great demand so you should have no problems selling.

I want to cancel what do I do?

It's cheapest to sell the ticket privately (we don't check names). However, if you want to cancel email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You will refunded your ticket price, minus £3.90 cancellation fee and the ticket fee you were charged at purchase. Sorry but we can't do anything about this. These are amidando's charges.

Ho long does it take for cancelled tickets to be refunded?

It should be within a few days but amiando only guarantee it will be within 14 days.


&  Conditions

2.8 Hours Later is produced by SlingShot and we want to make sure everyone can play the game safely, so like any game there are rules:


You must at all times comply with the laws of physics. Just because you're having fun doesn't mean that the big red bus will not knock you down.

Look after the natives

The people you come across will not necessarily understand your actions or the urgency with which you may be going about them with. Be aware of this and try not to upset or frighten people, especially if you're in a group. Big groups of people dashing about on unknown business can be frightening. Be nice to people, if you have time, explain what you're up to. People might like to play too.

The cops are not actors

We have not digitally recreated the city in minute detail. This is the real world and that's what makes it fun. It does mean that the normal laws you live by still apply. Private property is still private, crossings are still the best places to cross roads and all other laws of the land are still in effect.

We're all in this together

Try not to put anyone at risk when your playing. If you play the game properly and within the rules you should stay safe. But be aware of people when you're playing think about the consequences of your actions.

Let us take your picture

We need to document the game in photographs and video. We use these images to help us market the game on-line and in the press. We do not release the images to third parties for any other reason. We are sure you can understand that it would be very impractical to avoid players who do not wish to be filmed, so we ask you to agree to having your picture taken and for us to use it to market the game in print, online and on broadcast television.

Inevitably, we need to refer you to the full legal terms. A copy of these are available here. Before you start the game you will be asked to agree with these legal terms. Hard copies of the legal terms will be available for viewing at the start.

Volunteer FAQs

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the 2012 UK tour.  If you are interested in chasing as a zombie or helping out in some other way fill out the application form. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed for updates.

What are the dates, times & whereabouts will I be working?

When we advertise for your city's game, we'll post dates, times and locations.

I have filled out an online application form but have heard nothing.

We hold our training day, Zombie School, a couple of weeks before the event in each city. We'll be in touch with you two weeks before that, so if you do not hear from us immediately, don't worry. You will.

I want to volunteer for more than one city.

No problem. Just fill in the application for as many cities as you want to volunteer for.

Do I need zombie experience?

You don’t need specific experience but a love of the genre is must. You should also be moderately fit as there is a fair bit of running around. If you don't fancy that we have various roles as marshalls which are less physically demanding.

How do you manage zombies?

Zombies work in packs. Each pack is briefed and directed by the game director. If you work more than one night, you will be given different locations and roles each night.

Do you pay expenses?

No, but see below.

If I volunteer can I still play the game?

Absolutely. If you work one night you get a free ticket to play another night.

Should I come in costume?

No, we provide costumes and make-up.

How many hours will I volunteer for?

You will be working for five hours each night, but only chasing for three of those. Don’t worry we don’t expect you to run full pelt for three hours, much of the role is standing looking scary and where we require full on chasing you can take breaks whenever you want.

How do I chase safely?

The answer to that is fairly involved, which is why we run Zombie School. Briefly it means:  Do not do anything to endanger yourself, players or members of the public. Do not go anywhere near busy roads and do not chase near hazardous areas. Follow the instructions given to you by the game director.

How do I know whom to chase?

Players wear hi-viz armbands.

Can I be a Marshall?

Of course. We have a range of roles, ranging from helping out at the sign-up area through to playing a member of the Resistance.

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