The start location will be released to ticket buyers in an email 30 days before the commencement of the game.


The game ends with a zombie disco, complete with bar that the most resourceful apocalypse survivor would be proud of.


The game will last about between one and a half to three hours – it depends on how quick you are.



We run Zombie School two weeks before each game, this gives you time to perfect your newly created zombie before the game night. Watch the trailer above for a sneak peak of what goes on. Sessions last around three hours. We begin with an introduction and some safe chasing theory, then hit the park for the core part of the session: zombie performance workshops and a series of games to train and test your chase strategies.


With a brand new story and gameplay for 2015 – to survive 2.8 Hours you will need to be smart, as well as fast. As you unravel the truth, you must make choices. Are you prepared to put the survival of the species before your own?



Real estate agent: What does this professional do?

The real estate market has new challenges. Gone is the vision of selling houses “while I find something better”. Today the market has its own rules, in which the real estate professional cannot be improvised, but an agent of change in constant updating. The real estate market has new challenges. Gone is the vision of selling houses “while I find something better”. Today the Mexican market has its own rules, in which the real estate professional cannot be improvised, but an agent of change in constant updating. We are a company with a highly qualified staff and two decades of experience in the management of sectors.

To make our clients feel special for the service they receive when locating the desired property for them, either for residential use, for those seeking investment or for work activities. Buying or selling a house or apartment is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. Therefore, it is recommended to do it with caution, with security, and, above all, with the necessary advice if you do not have an idea of this process. That’s where the figure of the real estate agent appears.

It sounds simple, but also the role of a real estate agent is even essential if you are looking to sell, rent or buy a property at the best price and the shortest possible time, since it will offer the client all the basic guides for that purpose and the paperwork and paperwork route that you must follow, and you will avoid being ripped off in the attempt. If a property does not yet have people interested in acquiring or renting it, the real estate agent will be in charge of “promoting” it, using posters in the same property or posting notices on the internet and social networks, that is, using marketing.

How does it work?

It is a live chat system with which you can interact with our commercial agents easily and quickly to resolve all the questions that may arise. And if you have more questions do not worry, because you will have the option of being attended by an agent of our “call centre” to expand the information or make a physical visit request. It’s not bad, is it? With the launch of this project, we continue with our digital transformation to save you time and make your home buying or selling process as comfortable as possible. We are implementing innovative ways to interact with you in order to provide you with a unique experience that allows you to find the house of your dreams.

Advantages of a live chat system

  • Live chat system is an online collaboration tool, which has a series of very effective features and functionalities for real estate to increase its productivity level.
  • The platform offers the real estate agency the possibility of having a private corporate social network, something very important for the management of projects and to enhance the level of organizational communication.
  • The features and functionalities are focused on the implementation of a corporate online network, although it can also be used for various purposes of great utility. We have a complete functional control panel, which allows the real estate agent to configure and customize its online collaboration platform.
  • Provide Support will overload direct sales with your real estate website
  • Provide Support will allow real estate agents to speak in person with the potential buyers and sellers that are on your website. Clients can request live chat system in real time at the click of a button and agents can send them an invitation.
  • This type of interaction represents a convenient way for both the salesperson and the potential customer to close the initial contact, make an appointment, and locates the nearest office or agent, talk about current mortgage rates and much more.
  • Teach properties to potential buyers during the live chat system
  • Provide Support makes live chat system is even more useful by providing advanced options such as “sending” web pages. This utility will allow real estate agents to make specific pages with advertisements appear during the live chat system in the client’s browser.

Online attention directly on the website of the real estate

We offer an exclusive customer service system via chat called CHAT + for our clients, at no additional cost. The system allows the real estate broker to invite the visitor to the page to initiate a conversation through the chat system, being that the visitor can accept or reject that request. It is a quick way to establish contact with the interested party and to know first hand their needs.

Website supervision

Real estate agents spend a lot of time out of the office. Real estate commercials can use Provide Support wherever they are, even in an open house. Provide Support can be run anywhere from any PC with an internet connection.

Real-time monitoring, chat transfer and instant messaging

Provide Support allows you to control the traffic of visitors to the company’s website in real time. Agents can transfer the chat to other operators who are more qualified to answer specific questions and can invite other agents to the ongoing chat session.

Customize each agent’s chat window

Each agent can customize their chat window with an individual photo or logo. You can also customize the system and welcome menus. Employees can record their personal address in the system so customers can send them an email message in case they are not available for live chat system.

We Provide Support chat allows real estate agency staff to monitor chat requests on the agency’s website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any site and system with internet access. The system offers the possibility to carry out chat sessions between operators, transfer the chat to other agents and send chat transcripts automatically. The system installs in less than 15 minutes and requires only a small piece of HTML code inserted into your web page. No need to install any program or add-on in the browser.


Sometimes you have the idea that a welding machine is to have a welding machine or welder, and it is not that it is not true, but there is much more than the welding machine. Today we are going to number what a hobart handler 190 is made of, a minimum viable equipment with which you can weld and with safety guarantees included. You can weld without some of the components that we are going to list of hobart handler 190, but … you may be missing some quality or safety to develop the activity.

Components of hobart handler 190

Welding machine or welding machine

All the components are important but the welder could say that it is one of the most important of the whole team. The welding machine which ultimately converts alternating current into continuous (usually) can regulate the output intensity according to the electrode we have to weld. It is also the most expensive component to acquire for the equipment although the prices are very variable depending on the type of welding machine and the benefits that these can give. The welding machines are very varied for many reasons. There are machines for different welding techniques and disciplines such as MMA (with electrode), TIG (torch of tungsten and inert gas), MIG / MAG (continuous wire machines). There are also those that work with alternating current but it is usual to work with direct current. Professional welders of great volume and weight, but there are also small machines such as inverters with a wide range of features and prices. The truth is that the market offers a wide range of possibilities according to the needs of the user.

Dough and clamp cables or electrode holders

All the machines have to be provided with these two cables. The negative current will pass through one of them and the positive one through the other. The usual thing is that the negative pole is the ground cable (the one that is attached to the piece) and at the positive pole, goes the cable of the clamp or electrode holder. In the MIG / MAG machines in the positive connected the hose where the thread and gas pass at the same time until you reach the welding gun. On the contrary, in the TIG technique, the cables are connected upside down, in the positive pole it connects the cable off the ground and in the negative pole, it connects the cable of the welding torch that melts the filler material in the joints. According to the welding technique, the cables change shapes and polarities, but all techniques require two cables: positive and negative.

Materials of contribution

Each technique of hobart handler 190 uses different materials for the welding, but in all the techniques they need these materials. It is also true that there are welds in which the materials of contribution are not necessary. It is the welding by points, which are made by electrodes that melt a small part of the metal and by pressure the pieces are joined. I only name it but it is not the technique of interest for today.


They are the contribution material that we use for MMA welding. These are rods of different types of steels and qualities according to the materials to be welded. They are covered by a coating along the entire rod except at one of its ends to be able to grip the electrode holder. The characteristics and qualities are very varied.


They are as their name indicates a coil of continuous wire that is used for the contribution and fusion of the welding joint. This material is used in MIG / MAG welding techniques. There are also coils of different sizes and different qualities.


They are supplied rods for TIG techniques. These rods are usually of fine diameter and of a length of approximately one meter. There are also different grades of filler steel.

Screen or welding mask

This complement of welding equipment could be considered as part of the personal equipment of each individual or welding operator, especially those that are subject to the operator’s head. We can find different types of welding screens such as hand screens, head screens and photosensitive screens. The qualities and the market prices are very extensive. Find what best suits your needs.

Personal protection

While it is true that the mask could also be included in this section, we will list other protections that are often ignored, which is a serious error in the short and long term. You have to understand, that welding can become a dangerous practice if the appropriate measures are not taken. Among them, the first thing you should do is to protect yourself, so you can continue with the practice for a long time. We could make a complete post with this section, but the objective is to number the important complements of the welding equipment. However, we will name them to remember the personal protections: leather gloves, leather leggings, appropriate clothing, hearing protection, respiratory masks, approved leather boots, safety glasses and recommended sleeves or leather jacket.

Electrical outlet

If we do not have electricity, we can do little. It seems so obvious that many times we take it for existing and it can lead us to surprises in hobart handler 190. As a general rule it is logical that there is an electrical outlet where we are going to do the welding work, but in certain works, we do not have this electrical network. For these cases, it is necessary to consider having an electric generator powered by any fuel.

These generators must have the capacity to supply the necessary energy required by the welding machine. The electrical network also has to have enough amperage to be able to feed the power demanded by each specific welding machine.

Auxiliary tools of hobart handler 190

To be able to work with more quality it is necessary to have these tools to be able to clean and sanitize part of the cores at the beginning and the end of them. These tools are pickaxe, wire brush and small radial.

7 reasons to hire an SEO agency

Do you want to optimize the results of the company’s website? Take care of your best commercial tool; put it in the hands of http://ypick.me SEO professionals. What is the use of investing in a web project and working on updating its contents if nobody finds us in search engines? Nowadays, the web is the main sales tool of any company, which is why there is a very well defined SEO strategy. SEO positioning requires technique, analysis and a lot of dedication, for this reason, outsourcing this work in the hands of a quality SEO agency is nowadays a necessity. Still, do not convince SEO agencies? Take a look at this list of advantages.

What an http://ypick.me SEO agency can bring to your company

You will work with positioning objectives

In any digital marketing strategy, working with objectives is the best way to see results and improve. Many companies do not have a responsible figure in their workforce to propose an SEO positioning strategy. Without that figure, all the work of creating content, uploading products or creating landings, may be limited.

You will enjoy a facelift for your website

Many times, web design companies tend to fall into the aesthetic, losing focus on the information architecture and SEO issues on your website. SEO agencies can help you optimize content and determine possible problems associated with the design or technology used on your website. We work on the optimization of a website, usually in the background in many companies; either due to ignorance or lack of time. Despite this, it is a fundamental aspect. If a professional SEO audit is not performed it is very likely that we are producing content in bucket

You will improve your ROI

Do you produce content that does not generate visits? Do not know how to improve the engagement of your blog? Do not let pessimism paralyze your online marketing actions. Your SEO agency will teach you how to publish your content to improve traffic, attract more leads and, ultimately, generate more business or sales. We are not going to lie, SEO work does not give benefits overnight, but with a little patience, you will see improve the ROI of your digital marketing actions month by month.

You will control your competition better

The study of competence is a basic and recurring work in all areas of digital marketing. When we talk about SEO, where the competition is especially tough, it is very important to know how your competition is behaving to detect new positioning opportunities. Who is mentioning your competition? What works? The importance of http://ypick.me for companies is now clear. A brand that wants to obtain benefits such as increasing visits, winning subscribers, and increasing sales must have a good positioning in the search engines. SEO is the first big step for potential customers to visit your website and thereby sell your products and services.

There are no doubts about this; web positioning is one of the most important online marketing techniques. Little by little, it has become the most used method for the recognition of companies; but it is a professional, precise and well-studied work, and this is where things start to get complicated … especially now that companies compete hard to stay in relevant positions in terms of search results. To this battle more and more soldiers are added and all point to the same objective: Position yourself above the competitors with the appropriate keywords!

Without a doubt, it is a very effective mechanism but only with specialists in the field. In the current reality of the online market, it is essential to hire http://ypick.me an agency specializing in SEO to meet your market objectives and enhance your visibility on the network. The changes in the Google algorithm are constant, and understanding them completely is not an easy task. Getting the most out of your website requires professionals, but if you still doubt it …

You will optimize your SEM specific campaigns

Do you make specific investments in SEM to give visibility to your products and services? An SEO agency can manage your campaign and improve your conversion rates. http://ypick.me helps you in optimizing your investments so you do not spend more than your conversion goals.

You will open new business opportunities

Do you think that a business blog is the best tool to push your positioning? Yes and no. You have to keep in mind that each sector is a world and, for this reason, there are SEO strategies that work better in some sectors than in others. It may be enough to improve the depth of your website or increase the link building work. You may also need to launch a strategy on YouTube or Google shopping. Anyway, an SEO agency studies your market and informs you about platforms and paths that can reinforce your global SEO strategy. SEO never forgets that the main objective of a website is to sell, and will do everything possible to make your website a perfect sales tool.

You will be up to date with the new SEO trends

Finally, the know-how that an SEO agency can provide you is a good element to close this list. Your experience and your work in different sectors can bring you new ideas and new ways to open more positioning opportunities: SEO conversational, SEO mobile, video SEO … Working with an SEO expert by your side will completely change your way of understanding search engine positioning. You will learn that one thing is how you look for yourself and another how your client looks for you. SEO has changed in recent years to become a luxury ally of Inbound Marketing.

Why choose an http://ypick.me SEO agency that works with Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing is the best ally of any SEO strategy. Imagine that, once the keyword study was done and the methodology and actions to be carried out decided; we put the ideal client of your web in the centre of all your strategy. The result cannot be other than that of a drastic improvement in your web traffic and, consequently, in the positioning of your target keywords.

Important Factors that Gamers must know about Multiplayer Games

Important Factors that Gamers must know about Multiplayer Games

Things can always be different when you are doing as an individual and doing the same as a team. It can be way too different and catchy when your team is nothing but the people you are competing against. This is what happens in a multiplayer gaming point. When a set of players are competing against each other be it real-time or online, you will have to stick to certain rules and at times bend or break them to get your scores right. So here are some of the factors that are involved in a multiplayer game.

Important Factors that Gamers must know about Multiplayer Games


When it comes to the matchmaking factor, it is comparatively easy when you are doing it in real-time. The same matchmaking process can be quite difficult when you are trying to find a potential match online. Some games will have the game itself as the competitor. In that case, you will always have the computer a step ahead of you, and that can be uninteresting. Even if the players online aren’t stepping up, again it can make the game boring.

Location factor:

Again it is a problem about online games. Games and their servers are connected globally. You cannot play it at a stretch and you will need your breaks and your opponent might not. So you will have to find the right person in the ideal time zone. You might have had a long day, and you might feel like hitting the best while your opponent in a different time zone is fully awake waiting to beat you. This can be unfair.

Internet connection:

Irrespective of whether it is real-time or virtual, you will have to get a flawless net connection to keep your games lively and interesting. A poor internet connection will give you the same impact on the quality and performance of the game as well. Your updates get delayed, the information that you send and the ones that are sent you do not reach the right time and things get messed up. It simply kills the fun of online gaming.

Frames Per Second:

The FPS rates differ along with the number of players in the game. The FPS required will be quite less when there is only one person or the person and the computer involved in the game. However, more FPS will be required if it is a multiplayer game. So gamers are expected to have an eye on that as well.

Response time:

This concept is called the Ping in the gamers’ world. It is simply the response time of the games. The faster the game responds to your command the better will be your experience. So the ping rate of the game is also a significant factor in multiplayer gamers. There are a lot of people waiting for your response in multiplayer games. So make sure you are quick enough.

5 Tips to Hone your Gaming Skills

5 Tips to Hone your Gaming Skills

A gamer is always in his dream world, and it is not right to shatter his dream castle and bring it down to rubbles. That is why we have listed a set of tips that all gamers should have in mind. This way the person will be able to break boundaries and have a wonderful gaming experience. So here are the tips that you must remember.

5 Tips to Hone your Gaming Skills

Play games the steam-y way:

One always needs a good platform to play games and keep things on the right track. However, most of the gamers find the ideal site the hard way. But we are giving it to you right here. Once you have decided to be a hardcore gamer the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have Steam pinned to your Chrome or downloaded to your PC. It is a digital platform that helps you to manage your scores, games and competitors as well. So next time you pick a game, make sure you STEAM it.

Look for references:

If you are a real-life gamer, you might need all the time in the world to play games, and you are always stuck to your PC. So it is important that the game you play is worth your time. This type of gaming is not fun. You may have to invest and spend a little cash as well. Steam is one right place, but if you have lost your opportunity, you can look for suggestions on Reddit and other social platforms. You can look them up and get suggestions.

Look for updates:

As a gamer, you are expected to enjoy your games with the edging technology. Today even gaming platforms and software application keep upgrading themselves from time to time. Not all games can auto-update themselves. At the same time, not all updates are worth your money. So keep looking for updates and put the right one to use. Also, make sure that you update your graphics card drivers.

Pick games in bunches:

Just like book readers love a lavish library, we gamers love a lavish console and a room stacked with CDs. Just like you shouldn’t rush to buy a new game after you have had your research it is important that you buy them in bunches. This is the best way to get a lot of offers.  So the next time you plan to buy a game make sure you are looking for deals that are collective.

Keep your PC clean:

Imagine having a system that is running at its minimum potential, and you will have a bad time playing your game. The platform that you play should be in its best possible condition so that you have an amazing gaming experience. Have the latest and the authenticated version of software applications and keep your system clean. This way, you have your system at its maximum potential.




TICKET:£ 48.00 / £ 58.00
TICKET:£ 38.00 / £ 38.00
TICKET:£ 38.00 / £ 38.00
TICKET:£ 38.00 / £ 38.00


‘Zombie school is gruesomely challenging, you come out feeling a little dead. However, the results are phenomenal, even to this day my voice can send the chills down spines and even my very mannerisms are simply more zombies. People have began to ignore the occasional twitch.’

-Tammy Doherty, type 2.0 zombie

‘When I turned up to zombie school I had my doubts…wondering why a squeamish, unfit, 30 something was volunteering for this. I’m so pleased I just went for it! And zombie school is just the beginning of your learning experience. I’ve volunteered in every city and had a blast.’

Loz Mitchell, type 2.0 zombie



577 Southside Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90044