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Want to know more? Well, if you're more about chasing people then being prey, come volunteer with us as a zombie. We reward our zombies with a free ticket to the game, professional make-up and training and, of course, an unforgettable experience chasing terrified players through the streets of a city. We have an awesome community of zombie lovers, and our volunteers regularly come back, city after city to chase with their fellow zombie hoard.

Zombie School is where you begin. A couple of weeks before the game we run sessions in the host city to train our volunteers to run, chase, scream and bite like true undead champions. There's undead warm-ups, performance workshops and a bunch of mini-games to train chase strategies. You must attend one of these sessions. You can book by clicking the button below. On booking we take a deposit which we return at the end of the night you work (minus a small booking fee).

 Please note you must be over 18 to volunteer for us. We operate a Challenge 25 policy, so if you don't look 25 please bring photo ID http://www.challenge25.org/



We are temporarily experiencing some difficulties with returning volunteers. If you have volunteered previously and are having issues, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help logging in.

zombie school

Zombie school more Info

There are three reasons we run zombie school; to teach you zombie safety, (yes there is such a thing), how the game actually works and to bring out your inner zombie.

We run Zombie School two weeks before each game, this gives you time to perfect your newly created zombie before the game night. Watch the trailer above for a sneak peak of what goes on. Sessions last around three hours. We begin with an introduction and some safe chasing theory, then hit the park for the core part of the session: zombie performance workshops and a series of games to train and test your chase strategies. 

This is a physical session. We are sensitive to participants varying fitness levels but you will need to wear appropriate clothing: trainers or other comfortable footwear, loose clothing that allows movement and a raincoat for our lovely British weather. Bring some snacks and fluids also.

At the end of the session you can choose which night you want to volunteer for us. In return you get a free ticket to play on any night you wish. You will also get your deposit returned, in cash, when you finish your night volunteering.

Our volunteer programme has closed briefly. Enrolment for 2015 Zombie Schools opens late November 2014. Please note you must be over 18 to volunteer for us. We operate a Challenge 25 policy, so if you don't look 25 please bring photo ID. http://www.challenge25.org/

*Minus a small booking fee.

Zombie School Faq's

What are the 2015 Zombie School dates?

Cardiff: 7th & 8th March.
Birmingham: 28th & 29th March.
Manchester: 18th & 19th April.
Gateshead: 9th & 10th May.
Glasgow: 30th & 31st May.
Liverpool: 20th & 21st June.
Leeds: 11th & 12th July.
Sheffield: 1st & 2nd August.
Bristol: 22nd & 23rd August.

I can't see my city in the list of Zombie Schools, what happened?

We only run zombie schools in the city we run the actual game in. If you can't see your city it means we have not go an upcoming game there. To see if you city is in the running for future tours, keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements, or sign up for our game alerts here. 

What are the actual game dates?

Up to date game dates can be found here

Where do I sign up for Zombie School?

Here:Sign up Sign up

How long is zombie school and what times do I have to be there?

Every time we visit a city we run four sessions of zombie school
Saturday Morning - 10am until 1pm
Saturday Afternoon - 2pm until 5pm
Sunday Morning - 10am until 1pm
Sunday Afternoon - 2pm until 5pm

Where are the zombie schools.

These are held in venues close to the centre of the city we are running the game in. These are either a short walk away, or accessible by public transport.

How do I get my deposit back?

You will get this back, in cash, at the end of the night you volunteer. Please note, we ask that you show photo ID before we issue the return.

I have booked a place at Zombie School and paid a deposit but have heard nothing, what do I do?

If you have received a ticket and an invoice from Xing, you're good to go. The time and date are on this, along with the venue address. We also send out emails about two weeks before zombie school, so don't worry if you don't hear before then. If you haven't received a ticket please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving the city, date and time of your chosen session.

All the sessions are booked up, what can I do?

We are afraid we have limited capacity at Zombie School; there are only so many rookie zombies we can deal with. Better luck next time.

I can't make Zombie School, can I still volunteer?

Unfortunately you have to come to zombie school to volunteer with us.

How old do you have to be to be a volunteer?

Sorry guys, but it is over 18s only.

How many nights do you have to volunteer to get get a free ticket?

You will only have to volunteer for one night to get your ticket.

Can I transfer my new ticket to another city?

Unfortunately not, your free ticket is only available in the city you have volunteered in.

What if I have been to Zombie School before and want to volunteer again?

We ask that our zombies attend and pass one zombie school each year, before they can chase for us. This is to refresh the health and safety training, and get you up to speed on the changes we have made to the game. If you have passed zombie school this year please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of where you want to volunteer and where you took zombie school before you sign up again.

I have a heath condition, can I still volunteer?

Yes, we do our upmost to make sure everyone can participate, but it is important to make us aware when you arrive at Zombie School.

Where do I enquire about paid work for 2.8 Hours Later?

Please send an email to [email protected]slingshoteffect.co.uk containing you CV, which city you would like to work and which role you would like to be considered for and we will be in touch.

What Our Zombies Say

'Seeing a total wide-boy on the verge of tears simply because you've looked menacingly in his direction gives me the greatest sense of achievement I've ever had... I bloody love it '

Jacqui Suttie, type 1.5 zombie

'Each city is always different, every zone has its own perks and challenges so that no two nights are ever the same. Over the years that I've volunteered I've made some great friends and always had a laugh with both players and volunteers at the disco. Out of all the cities I've chased in I've never used my free ticket as scaring the players is too much fun!

Stephen Banks, type 1.5 zombie

'I no longer have to fork out obscene amounts of money for psychologists as I can now medicate myself by screaming after strangers in the dark. This shit is my therapy.'

Sarah Toner, type 1.5 zombie

'Being a 42 year old professional, married with 3 kids, I was a little unsure of what I was letting myself in for! Within 5 minutes of zombie school I was relaxed, having mad crazy fun, made many lasting friends from around the country and one of the horde! I am now ready to zombie twerk at a moments notice!'

Nick Allsop, type 2.0 zombie

'When I turned up to zombie school I had my doubts...wondering why a squeamish, unfit, 30 something was volunteering for this. I'm so pleased I just went for it! And zombie school is just the beginning of your learning experience. I've volunteered in every city and had a blast.'

Loz Mitchell, type 2.0 zombie

'Zombie school is gruesomely challenging, you come out feeling a little dead. However the results are phenomenal, even to this day my voice can send the chills down spines and even my very mannerisms are simply more zombish. People have began to ignore the occasional twitch.'

Tammy Doherty, type 2.0 zombie